Uncle Mike's Black Scoped Bandoleer


35 Degree Double Rig

Triple Concealment

Scabbard Holster


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Uncle Mike's Black Scoped Bandoleer
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Carry big scoped handguns across your chest or back Removable, adjustable padded flap protects gun in all weather Adjustable, padded shoulder strap Adjustable belt loop secures holster against your body Removable retention strap with combination adjustment buckle and snap for use when flap is removed Size 3 - 5-6.5" med/lg dbl action rev, 4 5/8 - 5.5" single action rev. Size 4 - 7-8.5" med/lg dbl action rev, 6-7.5" single action rev,10" Thompson/Center Contender Size 13 - 14-16" Thompson/Center Super Contender, Encore,10" Remington XP-100, 9.5-10.75" sngl/dbl act. rev, Savage Striker

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