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Left Hand - Conceal Holsters

"The Shadow" Holster (SKU: BHL50)"The Shadow" Holster (SKU: BHL50)
Alligator Skin Double Shoulder Holster (SKU: BHLRL-SH01)Alligator Skin Double Shoulder Holster (SKU: BHLRL-SH01)
Ankle Holster (SKU: BHLAK1)Ankle Holster (SKU: BHLAK1)
Armed Forces Pilot Shoulder Holster (SKU: BHL7DGABE)Armed Forces Pilot Shoulder Holster (SKU: BHL7DGABE)
Belt Slide Holster (SKU: BHL55)Belt Slide Holster (SKU: BHL55)
Belt Slide Holster - DPS Insignia (SKU: BHL75DPS)Belt Slide Holster - DPS Insignia (SKU: BHL75DPS)
Belt Slide Holster - Light / Laser System (SKU: BHL75L)Belt Slide Holster - Light / Laser System (SKU: BHL75L)
Belt Slide Holster II (SKU: BHLS2)Belt Slide Holster II (SKU: BHLS2)
Belt Slide Thumb Break Holster (SKU: BHL75)Belt Slide Thumb Break Holster (SKU: BHL75)
Bianchi Pocket Change Holster (SKU: OPBI23886)Bianchi Pocket Change Holster (SKU: OPBI23886)
Bikini Belt Slide Holster (SKU: BHL49)Bikini Belt Slide Holster (SKU: BHL49)
Bikini Thumb Break Holster (SKU: BHL69)Bikini Thumb Break Holster (SKU: BHL69)
BlackHawk CQC Carbon Fiber SERPA (Plain) (SKU: BH410500BKL)BlackHawk CQC Carbon Fiber SERPA (Plain) (SKU: BH410500BKL)
BlackHawk CQC Carbon Fiber SERPA (Textured) (SKU: BH410000BKL)BlackHawk CQC Carbon Fiber SERPA (Textured) (SKU: BH410000BKL)
BlackHawk Level 3 SERPA Duty Holster (SKU: RSRBH44H100BKL)BlackHawk Level 3 SERPA Duty Holster (SKU: RSRBH44H100BKL)
BlackHawk SERPA CQC w/Carbon Fiber Finish (SKU: BH410025BK-L)BlackHawk SERPA CQC w/Carbon Fiber Finish (SKU: BH410025BK-L)
Border Patrol Duty Holster (SKU: BHL245BP)Border Patrol Duty Holster (SKU: BHL245BP)
Border Patrol Slide Thumb Break Holster (SKU: BHL75BP)Border Patrol Slide Thumb Break Holster (SKU: BHL75BP)
Clip IWB Holster (SKU: BHL25C)Clip IWB Holster (SKU: BHL25C)
Closed Toe Slide Holster II (SKU: BHL39)Closed Toe Slide Holster II (SKU: BHL39)
Colonel Leo Flap Holster (SKU: TK11-630)Colonel Leo Flap Holster (SKU: TK11-630)
Comfort Belt Scabbard Holster (SKU: BHL4L)Comfort Belt Scabbard Holster (SKU: BHL4L)
Comfort Belt Scabbard Holster w/Thumb Break (SKU: BHL4T)Comfort Belt Scabbard Holster w/Thumb Break (SKU: BHL4T)
Compact Belt Slide Holster (SKU: BHL29)Compact Belt Slide Holster (SKU: BHL29)
Compact Pocket Holster (SKU: BHLPH)Compact Pocket Holster (SKU: BHLPH)
Conceal Duty Holster (SKU: BHL244)Conceal Duty Holster (SKU: BHL244)
Crossdraw Scabbard Basketweave Holster (SKU: BHL8C)Crossdraw Scabbard Basketweave Holster (SKU: BHL8C)
Crossdraw Scabbard Holster (SKU: BHL4C)Crossdraw Scabbard Holster (SKU: BHL4C)
DeSantis Super Fly Pocket Holster (SKU: DSGM44BJ75Z0)DeSantis Super Fly Pocket Holster (SKU: DSGM44BJ75Z0)
Double Gun Horizontal Holster (SKU: BHL7DG)Double Gun Horizontal Holster (SKU: BHL7DG)
Double Gun Laser/Light Vertical Holster (SKU: BHL4DGL)Double Gun Laser/Light Vertical Holster (SKU: BHL4DGL)
Double Gun Vertical Draw Holster (SKU: BHL4DG)Double Gun Vertical Draw Holster (SKU: BHL4DG)
Double Shoulder Holster (SKU: BHL7D)Double Shoulder Holster (SKU: BHL7D)
Double Shoulder Holster -35 Degree (SKU: BHL7DOT)Double Shoulder Holster -35 Degree (SKU: BHL7DOT)
Double Shoulder Holster with Alligator Trim (SKU: BHLRL-SH02)Double Shoulder Holster with Alligator Trim (SKU: BHLRL-SH02)
Double Shoulder Open Top Holster (SKU: BHL9DOT)Double Shoulder Open Top Holster (SKU: BHL9DOT)
Double Shoulder Rig With Belt Clip (SKU: BHL4DBC)Double Shoulder Rig With Belt Clip (SKU: BHL4DBC)
Double Vertical Bikini Holster (SKU: BHL5D)Double Vertical Bikini Holster (SKU: BHL5D)
Duty Holster w/Cartridge Loops (SKU: BHL241BL)Duty Holster w/Cartridge Loops (SKU: BHL241BL)
Duty Holster w/Jacket Slot (SKU: BHL245BPJKT)Duty Holster w/Jacket Slot (SKU: BHL245BPJKT)
El Catrin (Well-Dressed) (SKU: BHLEX)El Catrin (Well-Dressed) (SKU: BHLEX)
Fobus Paddle Roto Holster (SKU: RSRIAIPPK1RP)Fobus Paddle Roto Holster (SKU: RSRIAIPPK1RP)
Full Flap Leather Holster (SKU: BHLFH)Full Flap Leather Holster (SKU: BHLFH)
Galco Ankle Glove (Holster) (SKU: GALAG204)Galco Ankle Glove (Holster) (SKU: GALAG204)
Galco Ankle Glove Calf Strap (SKU: GALAGCS)Galco Ankle Glove Calf Strap (SKU: GALAGCS)
Galco Silhouette High Ride Holster (SKU: GALSIL446)Galco Silhouette High Ride Holster (SKU: GALSIL446)
Galco Skyops Holster (SKU: GALSKY212B)Galco Skyops Holster (SKU: GALSKY212B)
Galco Stinger Belt  Holster (SKU: GALSG158B)Galco Stinger Belt Holster (SKU: GALSG158B)
Galco WheelGunner Belt Holster (SKU: GALWG196)Galco WheelGunner Belt Holster (SKU: GALWG196)
Hand Carved Belt Slide Cross Draw Holster (SKU: BHL81C)Hand Carved Belt Slide Cross Draw Holster (SKU: BHL81C)
Hand Carved Double Gun Horizontal Rig (SKU: BHL8DG)Hand Carved Double Gun Horizontal Rig (SKU: BHL8DG)
Hand Carved Double Shoulder Rig (SKU: BHL7DHC)Hand Carved Double Shoulder Rig (SKU: BHL7DHC)
Hand Carved Luger Holster (SKU: BHLLH)Hand Carved Luger Holster (SKU: BHLLH)
Hand Carved Professional Slide Holster (SKU: BHL99-2T)Hand Carved Professional Slide Holster (SKU: BHL99-2T)
Hand Carved Ranger Slide Holster (SKU: BHL24)Hand Carved Ranger Slide Holster (SKU: BHL24)
Hand Carved Ultra Compact Slide Holster (SKU: BHL21)Hand Carved Ultra Compact Slide Holster (SKU: BHL21)
Holster w/ attached Mag Pouch (SKU: TK39)Holster w/ attached Mag Pouch (SKU: TK39)
Horizontal Driving Holster (SKU: BHLDH)Horizontal Driving Holster (SKU: BHLDH)
Horizontal Single Shoulder Holster (SKU: BHL8HS)Horizontal Single Shoulder Holster (SKU: BHL8HS)
Hunter Full Flap Holster (SKU: TK15-17)Hunter Full Flap Holster (SKU: TK15-17)
Improved Belt Slide Holster (SKU: BHL59C)Improved Belt Slide Holster (SKU: BHL59C)
Improved Belt Slide Holster (SKU: BHL59)Improved Belt Slide Holster (SKU: BHL59)
Inside the Waist Clip Holster (SKU: BHLMR-C)Inside the Waist Clip Holster (SKU: BHLMR-C)
Inside the Waist Clip Holster (SKU: BHLMRC-D)Inside the Waist Clip Holster (SKU: BHLMRC-D)
Inside the Waist Tuckable Holster (SKU: BHLMR)Inside the Waist Tuckable Holster (SKU: BHLMR)
Inside the Waistband Pro Holster (SKU: BHL26)Inside the Waistband Pro Holster (SKU: BHL26)
Inside Waist and Belt Scabbard Holster (SKU: BHLYCS)Inside Waist and Belt Scabbard Holster (SKU: BHLYCS)
Inside Waist Band Holster II (SKU: BHL71)Inside Waist Band Holster II (SKU: BHL71)
IWB Holster with Thumb Break (SKU: BHL71TB)IWB Holster with Thumb Break (SKU: BHL71TB)
IWB MOB Double Shield Holster (SKU: BHL71C)IWB MOB Double Shield Holster (SKU: BHL71C)
IWB MOB Holster (SKU: BHL71CD)IWB MOB Holster (SKU: BHL71CD)
IWB Scabbard Holster w/Thumb Break (SKU: BHLYCSTB)IWB Scabbard Holster w/Thumb Break (SKU: BHLYCSTB)
IWB2 Revolver Holster (SKU: BHL76JF)IWB2 Revolver Holster (SKU: BHL76JF)
Laser / Light Police Off Duty Holster (SKU: BHL47L)Laser / Light Police Off Duty Holster (SKU: BHL47L)
LCP Clip Thumb Break Holster (SKU: BHL94)LCP Clip Thumb Break Holster (SKU: BHL94)
Leather Chief Holster (SKU: TK405)Leather Chief Holster (SKU: TK405)
Leather Face Off Holster (SKU: BHL01)Leather Face Off Holster (SKU: BHL01)
Leather IWB Holster (SKU: BHL76)Leather IWB Holster (SKU: BHL76)
Leather IWB Thumb Break Holster (SKU: BHL76TB)Leather IWB Thumb Break Holster (SKU: BHL76TB)
Leather Lightning Holster (SKU: BHL7A)Leather Lightning Holster (SKU: BHL7A)
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