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Custom Made Holsters
Practical holsters for practically every handgun.
We are happy to offer you a very impressive, quality line of CUSTOM HOLSTERS made in the great state of Texas! Superb in quality, each custom holster is made by hand, using top grain steer hide. Selectively hand-molded, hand-boned and hand-tooled one at a time to produce that perfect holster fit for your handgun. Any of these custom holsters can be made for both right and LEFT HAND shooters. Only the finest material and techniques are used for these custom holsters, allowing us to offer a full guarantee on material and workmanship.
Non-custom holsters, slings etc . . .

Double rig for your favorite revolvers!

Custom hand carved horizontal rig.

Welcome to Lone Star Holsters, the very best source for a variety of top quality rifle slings, handgun holsters and high quality custom holsters. We specialize in a variety of quality handcrafted right and left hand leather holsters - side, shoulder and conceal holsters - as well a stunning line of western holsters. We also offer textile with small arms accessories such as military rifle slings, magazine pouches to match your hoslter. We are especially proud of our custom shoulder holsters which are very popular with military personnel. All of our custom holsters and slings are hand crafted from the finest of leather and are made as they are ordered - no stocked custom holsters here. The quality offered with these custom holsters is unsurpassed. You'll be impressed with all of our leather products so you can purchase with confidence from any of our quality lines of holsters - Custom, Hunter, TK Leather, Bianchi, Galco or Uncle Mike's. Our commitment is to consistently provide the highest quality holsters available at the most competitive price.

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After browsing our items, you will see that authenticity and quality craftsmanship is the driving force in creating our entire line of custom holsters and leather products.  We are  very confident in our craftsmen and the material used in production.  This confidence in the quality of the materials used and outstanding craftsmanship allows us to offer to our customers a satisfaction guarantee on the same. We invite you to peruse our site and see what we have available for all gun enthusiasts - whether you're looking for a right or left hand conceal holster, shotgun or rifle sling, handcuff case, badge holder, speed loader carrier, or a double magazine pouch.  Share our site with a friend who may be finding it difficult to locate that perfect left hand holster.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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  • QUALITY . . . We are proud to sell the highest quality handcrafted custom leather holsters, military rifle slings, single and double mag pouches, single and double shoulder holsters and western holsters.
  • DURABILITY . . . You will be impressed with the durability of our holsters, slings and magazine pouches. All of our custom leather products are made with meticulous attention to quality and a lifetime of use in mind.
  • TAILOR MADE . . . Another feature of our custom leather holsters is that they are available for both the right hand and left hand shooter. A variety of leather color options, finishes, hardware, etc. for any holster in our custom line.

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