TK Leather Holsters
Deluxe Rooster Cogburn 2-Tone Gun Belt (SKU: TK794)Deluxe Rooster Cogburn 2-Tone Gun Belt (SKU: TK794)
Scoped Torso Rig (SKU: TK474)Scoped Torso Rig (SKU: TK474)
Deluxe Rooster Cogburn 2-Tone Crossdraw Holster (SKU: TK793)Deluxe Rooster Cogburn 2-Tone Crossdraw Holster (SKU: TK793)
Deluxe Rooster Cogburn 2-Tone Holster (SKU: TK792)Deluxe Rooster Cogburn 2-Tone Holster (SKU: TK792)
Conquistador Double Drop Holster Belt (SKU: TK111)Conquistador Double Drop Holster Belt (SKU: TK111)
Sheridan Leather Holster (SKU: TK318)Sheridan Leather Holster (SKU: TK318)
Scoped Cowboy Holster (SKU: TK485)Scoped Cowboy Holster (SKU: TK485)
Leather Chief Holster (SKU: TK405)Leather Chief Holster (SKU: TK405)
Colonel Leo Flap Holster (SKU: TK11-630)Colonel Leo Flap Holster (SKU: TK11-630)
Standard Rooster Cogburn Gun Belt (SKU: TK791)Standard Rooster Cogburn Gun Belt (SKU: TK791)
Leather Outlaw Holster (SKU: TK15-916)Leather Outlaw Holster (SKU: TK15-916)
Keegan Crossdraw Leather Holster (SKU: TK11-115)Keegan Crossdraw Leather Holster (SKU: TK11-115)
Circa 1890 Western Holster (SKU: TK13-610)Circa 1890 Western Holster (SKU: TK13-610)
Wyoming Drop Holster Belt (SKU: TK110)Wyoming Drop Holster Belt (SKU: TK110)
Deluxe Leather Cartridge Belt (SKU: TK11-740)Deluxe Leather Cartridge Belt (SKU: TK11-740)
Cheyenne Western Leather Holster (SKU: TK10-114)Cheyenne Western Leather Holster (SKU: TK10-114)
Lightning Strongside/Crossdraw - Semi-autos (SKU: TK11-440A)Lightning Strongside/Crossdraw - Semi-autos (SKU: TK11-440A)
Lightning Strongside/Crossdraw - Revolvers (SKU: TK10-440)Lightning Strongside/Crossdraw - Revolvers (SKU: TK10-440)
Rooster Cogburn Standard Crossdraw (SKU: TK787)Rooster Cogburn Standard Crossdraw (SKU: TK787)
Rooster Cogburn Standard Holster (SKU: TK789)Rooster Cogburn Standard Holster (SKU: TK789)
Belt Holster with Mag Pouch (SKU: TK39)Belt Holster with Mag Pouch (SKU: TK39)
Laramie Western Holster (SKU: TK12-116)Laramie Western Holster (SKU: TK12-116)
Leather Pistol Cartridge Belt (SKU: TK10-100)Leather Pistol Cartridge Belt (SKU: TK10-100)
Cavalry Holster C.S. (SKU: TK11-9)Cavalry Holster C.S. (SKU: TK11-9)
U.S. Cavalry Holster (SKU: TK10-9)U.S. Cavalry Holster (SKU: TK10-9)
Hunter Full Flap Holster (SKU: TK15-17)Hunter Full Flap Holster (SKU: TK15-17)
Black Powder Holster (SKU: TK174-310)Black Powder Holster (SKU: TK174-310)
Double Speed Loader Carrier (SKU: TK23-103)Double Speed Loader Carrier (SKU: TK23-103)
Natural Leather Military Rifle Sling (SKU: TK12-254)Natural Leather Military Rifle Sling (SKU: TK12-254)
All Leather Shotgun Sling (SKU: TK18-285)All Leather Shotgun Sling (SKU: TK18-285)
California Slim Jim Holster (SKU: TK17-313)California Slim Jim Holster (SKU: TK17-313)
Urban Defender Leather Holster (SKU: TK640)Urban Defender Leather Holster (SKU: TK640)
Leather Wallet Pocket Holster (SKU: TK190)Leather Wallet Pocket Holster (SKU: TK190)
Brown Leather Military Rifle Sling (SKU: TK11-64A)Brown Leather Military Rifle Sling (SKU: TK11-64A)