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Fancy Stitch

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35 Degree Double Rig

Triple Concealment

Scabbard Holster

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Custom Conceal Accessories

Belt Badge Holder (SKU: BHLA8)Belt Badge Holder (SKU: BHLA8)
Bikini Handcuff Case (SKU: BHLA43)Bikini Handcuff Case (SKU: BHLA43)
Bikini II Handcuff Case (SKU: BHLA02)Bikini II Handcuff Case (SKU: BHLA02)
Clip On Badge Holder (SKU: BHLA9-3)Clip On Badge Holder (SKU: BHLA9-3)
Custom Cartridge Slide (SKU: BHLA12)Custom Cartridge Slide (SKU: BHLA12)
Double Friend (SKU: BHLA03)Double Friend (SKU: BHLA03)
Double Mag - Belt Slots (SKU: BHLA60D)Double Mag - Belt Slots (SKU: BHLA60D)
Double Mag - Clip (SKU: BHLA60DC)Double Mag - Clip (SKU: BHLA60DC)
Double Mag Carrier (SKU: BHLA62D)Double Mag Carrier (SKU: BHLA62D)
Double Mag Pouch (SKU: BHLA61D)Double Mag Pouch (SKU: BHLA61D)
Double Mag Pouch Hidden Snap (SKU: BHLA61D-HS)Double Mag Pouch Hidden Snap (SKU: BHLA61D-HS)
Double Magazine Carrier (SKU: BHLA17)Double Magazine Carrier (SKU: BHLA17)
Double Ply Hand Carved Gun Belt (SKU: BHLA627DP)Double Ply Hand Carved Gun Belt (SKU: BHLA627DP)
Double Ply Leather Gun Belt (SKU: BHLA20DPG)Double Ply Leather Gun Belt (SKU: BHLA20DPG)
Double Ply Ranger Belt (SKU: BHLA627)Double Ply Ranger Belt (SKU: BHLA627)
Double Speed Mag Carrier (SKU: BHLA15)Double Speed Mag Carrier (SKU: BHLA15)
Double-Ply Black Belt (SKU: BHLA27-SALE)Double-Ply Black Belt (SKU: BHLA27-SALE)
Fancy Stitch Leather Belt (SKU: BHLA27)Fancy Stitch Leather Belt (SKU: BHLA27)
Four Snap Belt Keeper (SKU: BHLA67-4S)Four Snap Belt Keeper (SKU: BHLA67-4S)
Hand Carved Double Friend 2 (SKU: BHLA03-BHC)Hand Carved Double Friend 2 (SKU: BHLA03-BHC)
Handcuff Flapped Case (SKU: BHLA64)Handcuff Flapped Case (SKU: BHLA64)
Handcuff Holder (SKU: BHLA63)Handcuff Holder (SKU: BHLA63)
Hidden Snap Belt Keeper (SKU: BHLA67-HS)Hidden Snap Belt Keeper (SKU: BHLA67-HS)
Hidden Snap Wide Belt Keeper (SKU: BHLA67-WBK)Hidden Snap Wide Belt Keeper (SKU: BHLA67-WBK)
Leather Baton Holder (SKU: BHLA66)Leather Baton Holder (SKU: BHLA66)
Mace Holder - MK4 (SKU: BHLA65)Mace Holder - MK4 (SKU: BHLA65)
Mini Mag Flashlight Holder (SKU: BHLA53)Mini Mag Flashlight Holder (SKU: BHLA53)
Pistol Bandolero (SKU: TK918)Pistol Bandolero (SKU: TK918)
Recessed Pocket Badge ID Holder (SKU: BHLA18R)Recessed Pocket Badge ID Holder (SKU: BHLA18R)
Sam Browne Belt and Shoulder Strap (SKU: BHLA90)Sam Browne Belt and Shoulder Strap (SKU: BHLA90)
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