IWB Holster

This sale price ONLY for
3" Ruger GP100
Right Hand Draw!


Fancy Stitch

This sale price ONLY for
ONE 1.5"
black belt



35 Degree Double Rig

Triple Concealment

Scabbard Holster


Smartphone Holsters

Custom Conceal Accessories

Belt Badge Holder (SKU: BHLA8)Belt Badge Holder (SKU: BHLA8)
Bikini Handcuff Case (SKU: BHLA43)Bikini Handcuff Case (SKU: BHLA43)
Bikini II Handcuff Case (SKU: BHLA02)Bikini II Handcuff Case (SKU: BHLA02)
Clip On Badge Holder (SKU: BHLA9-3)Clip On Badge Holder (SKU: BHLA9-3)
Custom Cartridge Slide (SKU: BHLA12)Custom Cartridge Slide (SKU: BHLA12)
Double Friend (SKU: BHLA03)Double Friend (SKU: BHLA03)
Double Mag - Belt Slots (SKU: BHLA60D)Double Mag - Belt Slots (SKU: BHLA60D)
Double Mag - Clip (SKU: BHLA60DC)Double Mag - Clip (SKU: BHLA60DC)
Double Mag Carrier (SKU: BHLA62D)Double Mag Carrier (SKU: BHLA62D)
Double Mag Pouch (SKU: BHLA61D)Double Mag Pouch (SKU: BHLA61D)
Double Mag Pouch Hidden Snap (SKU: BHLA61D-HS)Double Mag Pouch Hidden Snap (SKU: BHLA61D-HS)
Double Magazine Carrier (SKU: BHLA17)Double Magazine Carrier (SKU: BHLA17)
Double Ply Hand Carved Gun Belt (SKU: BHLA627DP)Double Ply Hand Carved Gun Belt (SKU: BHLA627DP)
Double Ply Leather Gun Belt (SKU: BHLA20DPG)Double Ply Leather Gun Belt (SKU: BHLA20DPG)
Double Ply Ranger Belt (SKU: BHLA627)Double Ply Ranger Belt (SKU: BHLA627)
Double Speed Mag Carrier (SKU: BHLA15)Double Speed Mag Carrier (SKU: BHLA15)
Double-Ply Black Belt (SKU: BHLA27-SALE)Double-Ply Black Belt (SKU: BHLA27-SALE)
Fancy Stitch Leather Belt (SKU: BHLA27)Fancy Stitch Leather Belt (SKU: BHLA27)
Four Snap Belt Keeper (SKU: BHLA67-4S)Four Snap Belt Keeper (SKU: BHLA67-4S)
Hand Carved Double Friend 2 (SKU: BHLA03-BHC)Hand Carved Double Friend 2 (SKU: BHLA03-BHC)
Handcuff Flapped Case (SKU: BHLA64)Handcuff Flapped Case (SKU: BHLA64)
Handcuff Holder (SKU: BHLA63)Handcuff Holder (SKU: BHLA63)
Hidden Snap Belt Keeper (SKU: BHLA67-HS)Hidden Snap Belt Keeper (SKU: BHLA67-HS)
Hidden Snap Wide Belt Keeper (SKU: BHLA67-WBK)Hidden Snap Wide Belt Keeper (SKU: BHLA67-WBK)
Leather Baton Holder (SKU: BHLA66)Leather Baton Holder (SKU: BHLA66)
Mace Holder - MK4 (SKU: BHLA65)Mace Holder - MK4 (SKU: BHLA65)
Mini Mag Flashlight Holder (SKU: BHLA53)Mini Mag Flashlight Holder (SKU: BHLA53)
Recessed Pocket Badge ID Holder (SKU: BHLA18R)Recessed Pocket Badge ID Holder (SKU: BHLA18R)
Sam Browne Belt and Shoulder Strap (SKU: BHLA90)Sam Browne Belt and Shoulder Strap (SKU: BHLA90)
Shotgun Cartridge Slide (SKU: BHLA45)Shotgun Cartridge Slide (SKU: BHLA45)
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