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Fancy Stitch

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35 Degree Double Rig

Triple Concealment

Scabbard Holster

Smartphone Holsters


Custom Shoulder Accessories

Doc Holliday Shoulder HOLSTER ONLY (SKU: BHLA2)Doc Holliday Shoulder HOLSTER ONLY (SKU: BHLA2)
Big Bore Shoulder HOLSTER ONLY (SKU: BHLA1)Big Bore Shoulder HOLSTER ONLY (SKU: BHLA1)
Open Top Shoulder - Holster Only (SKU: BHLA9DOTIH)Open Top Shoulder - Holster Only (SKU: BHLA9DOTIH)
Vertical Double Shoulder - Holster Only (SKU: BHLA8DIH)Vertical Double Shoulder - Holster Only (SKU: BHLA8DIH)
4-Mag Horizontal w/Flaps (SKU: BHLA62F-4)4-Mag Horizontal w/Flaps (SKU: BHLA62F-4)
Military Vertical Shoulder - Holster Only (SKU: BHLA4DIH)Military Vertical Shoulder - Holster Only (SKU: BHLA4DIH)
Double Vertical Bikini Rig - Holster Only (SKU: BHLA5DIH)Double Vertical Bikini Rig - Holster Only (SKU: BHLA5DIH)
Horizontal Multi With Flaps (SKU: BHLA62F-3)Horizontal Multi With Flaps (SKU: BHLA62F-3)
Shoulder Holster Harness (SKU: BHLA-HO)Shoulder Holster Harness (SKU: BHLA-HO)
Leather Double Shoulder Rig - Holster Only (SKU: BHLA7DIH)Leather Double Shoulder Rig - Holster Only (SKU: BHLA7DIH)
Armed Forces Pilot Shoulder Rig - Holster Only (SKU: BHLA7DGABEIH)Armed Forces Pilot Shoulder Rig - Holster Only (SKU: BHLA7DGABEIH)
Horizontal Multi Mag Carrier (SKU: BHLA62-3)Horizontal Multi Mag Carrier (SKU: BHLA62-3)
Handcuff and Flashlight Holder (SKU: BHLACF)Handcuff and Flashlight Holder (SKU: BHLACF)
Vertical Cuff / Single Mag Holder (SKU: BHLADFV)Vertical Cuff / Single Mag Holder (SKU: BHLADFV)
Horizontal Cuff / Single Mag Holder (SKU: BHLADFH)Horizontal Cuff / Single Mag Holder (SKU: BHLADFH)
Recessed Pocket Badge ID Holder (SKU: BHLA18R)Recessed Pocket Badge ID Holder (SKU: BHLA18R)
Double Shoulder Rig Mag Pouch (SKU: BHLAD7)Double Shoulder Rig Mag Pouch (SKU: BHLAD7)
Horizontal Single Mag Carrier (SKU: BHLA-M2)Horizontal Single Mag Carrier (SKU: BHLA-M2)
Shoulder Rig  Single Mag (SKU: BHLA-M1)Shoulder Rig Single Mag (SKU: BHLA-M1)
Offside Belt Tie Down (SKU: BHLA-OSTD)Offside Belt Tie Down (SKU: BHLA-OSTD)
Handcuff Case w/Snap (SKU: BHLAC7D)Handcuff Case w/Snap (SKU: BHLAC7D)
Western Pocket Badge ID Holder (SKU: BHLA18)Western Pocket Badge ID Holder (SKU: BHLA18)
Bikini Handcuff Case (SKU: BHLA43)Bikini Handcuff Case (SKU: BHLA43)
Belt Badge Holder (SKU: BHLA8)Belt Badge Holder (SKU: BHLA8)
Custom Belt Tie Down Set (SKU: BHLATD)Custom Belt Tie Down Set (SKU: BHLATD)
Chicago Screw Sets for Shoulder Holsters (SKU: BHLASCREWS)Chicago Screw Sets for Shoulder Holsters (SKU: BHLASCREWS)

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