Uncle Mike's Cross-Harness Horizontal Shoulder Holster

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Uncle Mike's Cross-Harness Horizontal Shoulder Holster
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Full harness and tie-downs for stability and comfort Smooth nylon web harness lies flat under or over clothing, distributes weight evenly Four-way adjustment for a perfect fit Tough, smooth nylon cover prevents chafing under arm; waterproof closed-cell foam padding won't absorb body moisture; smooth nylon lining for easy drawing and holstering Molded thumb break and non-stretch retention strap adjustable with Velcro® Strap Traps cover both thumb break and retention strap Velcro® so straps cannot be accidentally stripped away and lost. Removable onside tie-down anchors holster to belt with trouser clip Offside tie-down anchors harness to belt with clip; carries one or two accessories vertically or horizontally Black / Ambidextrous...just reverse thumb break and retention strap to change from right to left Size 0 - Fits 2-3 inch barrel small/medium double action revolvers except 2 inch 5 shot Size 1 - Fits 3-4 inch barrel medium autos Size 5 - Fits 4½-5 inch barrel large autos Size 15 - Fits 3¾-4½ inch barrel large autos Size 16 - Fits 3¼-3¾ inch barrel medium and large autos Size 36 - Fits 2 inch barrel small frame 5 shot revolvers with hammer spur

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