Super comfortable, secure way to carry a handgun in the field…inside or outside your jacket. Fully adjustable shoulder harness with self-centering backpiece fits everyone. Onside self-adjusting belt loops keep holster close to your side, yet permit freedom of movement. Offside tie-down anchors harness to belt and lets you carry speedloader or magazine case vertically or horizontally. 1 1/2" wide nylon web shoulder straps distribute weight. High front on holster body protects gun yet makes it easy to draw and reholster. Retention strap with combination adjustment buckle and snap keeps gun in place.
Black - Right Hand
Size 0 - 2-3" bbl sm/med dbl action rev except 2" 5-shot
Size 1 - 3-4" bbl med autos-3.25-3.75" bbl lg autos
Size 2 - 3-4" bbl med/lg dbl action rev
Size 3 - 5-6.5" bbl med/lg dbl act rev-4 5/8-5.5" bbl sgl act rev
Size 4 - 7-8.5" bbl med/lg dbl act rev-6-7.5" bbl sgl act rev
Size 5 - 4.5-5" bbl lg autos, open end, safety strap rotates to secure autos on grip or at hammer
Size 6 - 5.5-6" bbl .22 autos and airguns
Size 15 - 3.75-4.5" bbl lg autos

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Uncle Mike's Sidekick Verticle Shoulder Holster

  • Product #: RSRUM8300-1
  • 62.95

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