Uncle Mike's Pro-Pak Horizontal Shoulder Holster

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Uncle Mike's Pro-Pak Horizontal Shoulder Holster
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Uncle Mike’s® Pro-Pak Holsters ride flat, close, discreet. We originally designed our Pro-Pak Holsters for professional detectives, who demanded lightweight functionality and daylong comfort. Uncle Mike’s delivered with smart, ergonomic designs that lay close to the body and flat under jackets. Thanks to an extra-thin laminate with an outer shell of rugged Kodra. There’s no print, owing to a smooth lining that also protects your gun’s finish while making it easier to draw and reholster. Pro-Pak. It’s what a shoulder holster is supposed to be. Horizontal carry for a fast draw and lightweight comfort. Offside tie-down has single mag case for autos or single speedloader case for revolvers.
Black / Ambidextrous
Size 0 fits 2-3" bbl. sm./med. double action revolvers
Size 1 fits 3-4" bbl. medium autos
Size 2 fits 4' bbl. medium & intermediate double action revolvers
Size 5 fits 4.5-5" bbl. large autos
Size 15 fits 3.75-4.5" bbl. large autos
Size 16 fits 3.25-3.75" bbl. medium & large autos
Size 36 fits 2" bbl. small frame 5-shot revolvers with hammer spur

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