Bianchi 7000 AccuMold Sporting Holster


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Bianchi 7000 AccuMold Sporting Holster
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A well designed holster that is ideal for field, hunting, and casual carry. The AccuMold construction protects the pistol even under the harshest conditions. The 7000 has a forward cant of 10 degrees that adds in both comfort and ease of presentation. 1.75” injection molded belt loop.
► Custom molded and contoured
► High-density trilaminate construction
► Unique Coptex™ inner lining; 100% polyknit material provides a smooth draw
► Sturdy Quick-Slide™ injection molded belt loop
► Sleek front strap closure incorporates Adjust-A-Strap™ feature
► Closed muzzle
► High ride / Strongside draw
► 1.75" (45mm) belt slot
► Black

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