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Inside the Waist Clip Holster
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This leather IWB holster is a great choice for your semi-automatic handgun. Requires only a tucked in shirt for concealment. The only visible part of this holster is the metal clip. Weapon access is accomplished by pulling the covering shirt up. 

The common J Hook that comes on most holsters does not work most of the time - it slips off the belt as gravity and the weight of the gun pull down on the holster. And since there is only 1/8 of an inch of J hook on most designs, when you draw you get the holster and gun. This is dangerous. Our BHLMR-C holster is made with a metal reverse J Hook clip. This is a design that will not slip off the belt when you draw the gun. It locks on and under the belt, The weight of the gun, gravity or physical activity will not effect this clip. This holster is metal reinforced around the top.

We also offer this IWB clip holster with an inside belt loop - making this a 2-in-1 holster! Simply remove the clip and use the belt loop to have a regular belt holster. Shown in russet/dark chestnut combo with basketweave finish, but also available in solid russet, dark chestnut or black.  Right or left hand and custom belt widths.

Although we often run ahead of schedule, please allow approximately 8-10 weeks production time.

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