* DPS / Lieutenant or Trooper insignia
* Or substitute Texas Concho
* Metal reinforced thumb break high-ride
* Tucks close to the body
* Hand-boned for each gun
* Full combat grip
* Smooth leather lined

Black, dark chestnut or russet in custom belt widths for right or left hand draw.  Special Texas concho also available instead of insignia.

This custom holster is made from premium saddle leather and molded to your exact specifications to provide a secure and concealable carry. Custom hand crafted for all semi-auto hand guns fitted with any gun/light/laser combination. For mounted light/red dot holster, we do ask that you email us a picture of your gun laying alongside a tape measure so that we can get an exact placement of the accessory(s).

Available for both revolvers and semi-autos including:

        • All Glocks
        • Sig Sauer
        • S & W M&P series (e.g., M&P Shield, M&P 9)
        • Beretta (e.g., Beretta 92FS)
        • Springfield Armory XD series
        • Smith & Wesson (e.g., S&W 686, S&W 642)
        • Ruger (e.g., Ruger GP100, Ruger LCR)
        • Colt (e.g., Colt Python, Colt Detective Special)
        • Taurus (e.g., Taurus Judge, Taurus 605)
        • Ruger LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol)
        • Smith & Wesson Shield EZ
        • Sig Sauer P238, P938
        • Glock 43, Glock 42
        • All 1911s

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Belt Slide Holster - DPS Insignia

  • Product #: BHL75DPS
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