Leather Gun Holster

Considering a holster investment for your handgun? You should really consider purchasing a leather gun holster. These are the most traditional holsters and are considered to last the longest of any of the materials used to make a gun holster. Leather is traditionally the favorite for holsters as it is considered to be the most attractive material used in making holsters. The holster leather can be embossed with any number of designs - simple and basic or very elaborate. Holster embossing isgenerally done for cosmetic purposes. The holster leather can also be dyed in a variety of colors to please even the most discerning taste in handgun holsters.

You will find the leather gun holster in a variety of basic designs. The main purpose of a holster is to hold a handgun and mush provide a method of doing so. The most simple holster design is that of a pouch. The holster should ideally fit the shape of the pistol which it holds closely. A pouch holster made of leather will provide your pistol with a fair amount of protection. The holster may provide access to the pistol in an easy manner by opening up on one or more sides of the holster pouch. The holster may have a flap or a spring closure. This provides protection for your pistol on all sides, retaining it nicely in the holster.

Looking for a tactical holster and other accessories?

Most gun holsters are designed to be used with only one hand. This allows for the pistol to be drawn and removed or even replaced by using just one hand at a time. In order to return the pistol or handgun to its holster with using only one hand, the holster must be made of a stiff material which must hold its shape. You don't want your holster collapsing when your gun is not inside of it. It shouldn't need the support of your gun to help it retain the holster's shape. However, you don't want your holster to be too stiff. A material that is too stiff may be more likely to break if it is pressed between the body of the wearer and some other object such as a wall or chair.

Generally holsters are worn attached either to the wearer’s waistband or belt. Holsters can also be found clipped to the clothing of the wearer and some holsters will fit into the wearer's pocket.. These will keep the gun securely in the pocket of the wearer and provide handgun protection and stability. A holster should be kept and worn in an area that the holstered gun can be reached with ease. This will generally be in the areas of the chest, upper thigh or waist of the person using the holster. Of course there are also holsters which may be worn at the ankle, inside of the pants and behind the back of the wearer - generally only used for concealed weapons. In any case, the most widely used and beloved of the gun aficionado will be a leather gun holster and you would be wise to follow their examples of great holster taste.