Tactical Holster

One doesn’t need to be in the military to have the opportunity of carrying their handgun in a tactical holster. But what makes this gun holster so special or unique over a typical or common gun holster? Let’s explore the differences.

When you are carrying a gun and it is not needed at the present time, what do you do with the weapon? When you don’t want it or need it ever so ready in your hands at all times, what do you do with it? If you think that slipping your gun behind your waistband is an option think again. Do you really want a gun, which is loaded with ammunition capable of causing great pain and even death next to your skin, unprotected? And this refers to the gun being unprotected not necessarily you.

Unnecessary damage can be done to a gun, let alone damage or pain inflicted on the carrier of that gun, when a gun is left unholstered or unprotected. But which holster is the best for your gun? Let me make a suggestion: a tactical gun holster.

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A tactical holster style is different than your typical gun holster. Most gun holsters offer ways of concealing your weapon from the sight of others. Whereas a tactical gun holster will put your gun or weapon of choice out in plain view for all to see that you mean business and you are prepared for the situation at hand. This type of holster usually offers a main attaching belt or strap placed around your waist, with a secondary strap usually made of Velcro or clips, around your leg, placing your holstered weapon at the ready of your lowered hands. A tactical holster vest can place your weapons up higher, closer to your torso, for even more readiness.

Tactical gun holsters, like anything else, come in various makes and models, colors and materials. Make sure that when you are purchasing your gun holster, you look to see if your gun is specified for that particular holster model. Also if your gun has additional accessories, such as, over or under barrel mounted lights, make sure the holster is sized for those extra attachments. You may consider a custom holster for these needs.

Nylon, with reinforced stitching is probably the most common material used in gun holsters but holsters also will come made from traditional leather, offering an old fashioned or cowboy look with a modern appeal. Some holsters are even being made out of thermal molded laminate, offering the best holster protection for your firearm. When purchasing molded holsters, remember that they are made for specific models of weapons, and will not conform or shape to just any gun.

Handguns are used for the purpose of offering protection to the user no matter the situation. Whether it is a physical protection option or a psychological protection image, you need to provide your handgun with holster protection too. Protecting your gun from the elements, or other possible damages will in the long term protect you. When choosing your mode of protection, don’t over overlook the tactical holster.