Concealed Gun Holster

Now that you have your firearm and you have your concealed gun permit, you just need to choose a concealed gun holster. Your choice could affect any number of outcomes and you will need to choose your holster wisely. It is important to understand the purpose of a holster and how the very design of it will affect every aspect of your concealed weapon use. When you know what you need to look for in a leather gun holster, your choice will be made easier and you will know that your safety is not at risk.

Safety: This is one of the most important aspects of choosing a well-designed holster. This choice will enable you to feel at ease while wearing your weapon. A well-designed holster will help prevent an accidental pull on the trigger or disengagement of the safety mechanism. It will also prevent any rearward or forward movement of the hammer of the gun. It is imperative that you choose a concealed gun holster that was specifically manufactured for your model of handgun. The holster will be engineered specifically for your weapon and will provide you with the greatest safety.


When you are wearing a concealed weapon, you do not want others to know that you are armed. You will need to choose a gun holster that is designed to be worn in such a way that your weapon is virtually undetectable. This is also a matter of safety. Most holsters which are made for concealed weapons are designed to be worn with clothing that is part of your everyday attire. Your clothing will conceal the weapon with ease and no one will be the wiser.

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Comfort and durability:

You should be able to wear your leather holster for an extended time without discomfort. The best leather holsters will be adjustable in position. This will help in both concealment and the level of your comfort. A well-made holster will not become a nuisance to wear and will begin to feel like a second skin to you. As it is such a part of you, you will want a holster that is durable. Your holster should be able to withstand long-term usage. You should not have to worry about an impaired performance or a mechanical failure of your holster.

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Ease of drawing and reholstering:

It is important to know that the ability to draw your weapon easily will be compromised by a concealed gun holster. You will not be able to draw as quickly as someone is wearing a practical holster which allows a gun to be presented at a rapid speed. When it comes to reholstering your gun, you will want a rigid holster. This will allow you to return your gun with one hand and not have to use both of them to return the gun to its holster. Your holster should also have a retention which will prevent anyone else from removing your gun from the Galco gun holster other than yourself.

Keeping these few key elements in mind will help you choose a leather concealed carry holster that will enhance your safety and suit your needs appropriately.