Leather Pistol Holster

When purchasing a leather pistol holster, you want to make a wise choice. Buy a holster according to how you will be using the holster. It will mean the difference of you being happy with your holster purchase or miserable because you bought the wrong holster for the job. There are three main categories when it comes to holsters. Each holster category is as unique as the holster purpose it serves.

Duty Holster

The duty holster will be found on a person for whom concealment is not important or needed. These gun holsters are generally used by law enforcement and military personnel. In law enforcement, the leather holster will generally mesh with the office's uniform. They are often treated with shoe polish and the holster appearance is generally of a high quality. In the case of military personnel, the leather holster is generally made to appear camouflaged. These pistol holsters are used for mid-sized to full-sized pistols. Smaller guns are generally used in concealed holsters and aren't generally necessary for the regular police or military personnel.

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Concealment Holster

A concealment holster is lightweight in design. These holsters are unobtrusive and designed for a compact pistol. They are gun holsters designed to be worn beneath the clothing and will be found on a belt beneath a coat or at the ankle beneath the pant leg. They are sometimes found in a carrier's pants pocket. These holsters will often have a rougher nap or surface. This helps when unholstering the pistol and provides a better retention of holster.

Sporting Holster

This holster category contains the widest range of pistol holsters. These holsters may be found with a maximum level of protection when used in hunting. They come in varieties used for pin shooting. There are simple holsters used for target practice. The most specialized holsters will be found in use by the more competitive sports. The holsters used in hunting are the most unique holsters. These holsters are specially designed to carry the larger pistols. These holsters must also provide room for any telescopic sights. Often these pistol holsters are worn across the shoulder as they are holding such large pistols. The pistol holster is then removed from the body before the pistol is drawn for use.

When you understand the differences of each leather pistol holster, it really makes your holster purchase decision easier and you will be pleased with your holster purchase.