Vertical Shoulder Holster

You will see a vertical shoulder holster quicker on television than you will in the everyday world. Most of these holsters are considered to be uncomfortable and while they do have their place, you won’t want to assume the look of a television vice cop without a little holster forethought. These holsters are used when a handgun just can’t be worn at the hip. Vertical holsters are considered a specialty item and they are not extremely popular in the real world.

A vertical shoulder holster is designed to place the handgun in one of two vertical positions. The gun will either be placed vertically with the barrel of the gun pointed toward the ground, or the holster will be positioned vertically with the barrel of the gun pointed upward. The holster is mounted to one of two straps that are connected together and is worn in a manner that is similar to a backpack. This type of holster requires the user to wear an open jacket or vest in order to conceal the weapon and holster from other people. A vertical holster is generally best when the user is carrying a very large handgun.

Perhaps a better holster choice would be a hip or belt holster. These holsters are generally more comfortable and you are able to wear them in a variety of ways. You can wear the holster down low on the hips or you can wear it a little higher on the body. Concealment is usually not an issue with these holsters, but you can wear a long shirt which is untucked if you prefer to not announce your weapon carrying status. You are usually able to draw your gun more quickly when you use this type of holster. It is easier to be ready and able to do what needs to be done when you have your gun ready to go.

Looking for a leather pistol holster and other resources?

You will often have many different holster choices if you choose a hip holster. If you choose one made of leather, you may even be able to find one that makes a statement about who you are. It is common for the holster leather to be dyed in different colors, so you can choose your favorite. The holster leather is often embossed with different elaborate designs. This is merely done for cosmetic reasons. You will be amazed and pleased with the variety of holster options available.

You can also choose to purchase a holster that is made of ballistic nylon. This is a fabric that is commonly used for holsters. It is a stiff fabric that provides great wear. It is also thick enough that it will provide great protection for your handgun. There are also some molded plastics which are becoming more and more popular. It really will be an individual choice that is up to you and will need to reflect your lifestyle. Whichever type of holster you decide on will need to be what is right for you as an individual. If you are determined to wear a vertical shoulder holster, remember to choose wisely so you won’t be disappointed and you will retain some level of comfort.