Our new military holster system is the US Armed Forces standard issue holster. Battle-proven from the tropics to the desert, it is versatile and modular with ambidextrous design. Made for 2.25" military belt. Removable holster flap. Equipped with quick-lock belt fastener and military spec cleaning rod.

It is available for the Beretta 92F and most semi-auto pistols and double action revolvers.

Please allow approximately 8 weeks for production time.

  1. Semi-automatic pistols:
    • All Glocks
    • Sig Sauer
    • S & W M&P series (e.g., M&P Shield, M&P 9)
    • Beretta (e.g., Beretta 92FS)
    • Springfield Armory XD series
    • Smith & Wesson (e.g., S&W 686, S&W 642)
    • Ruger (e.g., Ruger GP100, Ruger LCR)
    • Colt (e.g., Colt Python, Colt Detective Special)
    • Taurus (e.g., Taurus Judge, Taurus 605)
    • Ruger LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol)
    • Smith & Wesson Shield EZ
    • Sig Sauer P238, P938
    • Glock 43, Glock 42
    • All 1911s
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Military Holster System

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