For those who do not wear a belt, here is our frequently requested double shoulder rig with the belt clip option. The BHL4DBC Double Shoulder Rig with Belt Clip System consists of the holster, adjustable harness, mag pouch, system screws and two belt clips. This rig is fully modular with optional accessories and components available which can be purchased separately and easily interchanged. Provides all day comfort and a fast smooth draw.  Durable leather harness straps measuring 1.5" at top for comfort and tapering to 1" at bottom. Fully lined with smooth leather. Constructed of premium steer hide in a beautiful plain, basketweave or hand carved finish. Shown in Russet but also available in Dark Chestnut and Black.

We can also add an adjustable strap across the front and/or back which will attach to the holster and mag pouch - creating a "tanker style" holster. This makes it even more secure, holding the holster and pouch closer to the body. This holster can be customized to accommodate handguns equipped with a laser light. Many substitute accessories available upon checkout.

This double shoulder holster is made for semi-automatics. For single and double action revolvers, please choose the BHL8D.

For very large handguns, there will be an additional custom charge. If in doube, email for quote. For larger builds (around 300+ lbs.) we will handcut your harness to a larger size for a more comfortable wear. This harness requires more leather and is specially cut - requiring a $50 custom charge. If extra charges are applicable, we will contact you after receiving your order.

Made for ALL semiautomatic pistols including:  1911, Beretta, Bersa, Browning, Canik, Caracol, Caspian Arms, Colt, CZ, Daewoo, EAA, FMK, FN, Gamo, Glock, Grand Power, H&K, ISSC, Kahr Arms, Kel Tec, Kimber, LW Seecamp, Magnum Research, Makarov, Mauser, Para-Ordnance, Phoenix Arms, Rex, Rock Island, Ruger, Sarsilmaz, Sccy, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Sphinx, Springfield Armory, Star, Steyr, STI Intl (Staccato), Tanfoglio, Taurus, Walther, Wilson.

Made for ALL single and double-action revolvers including:  Beretta, Chaippa, Charter Arms, Cimarron, Colt, EMF, Pietta, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, Taylor’s & Company, Uberti

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Double Shoulder Rig With Belt Clip

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