Military Holsters

What do you want to do with a military holster? Are you dressing up for a battle re-enactment or a local theater production? Is it for a Halloween costume or are you participating in your local Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day Parade? What ever your reason or situation, military holsters either vintage or modern, whether authentic or replicas, are widely available and easily obtainable.

Since the dawn of time for man, or at least since the beginning of organized protection of man and his possessions, man has had the need to holster his weapons in times of peace. This organized form of protection came under the term military or soldiers. Whether it was as early as the caveman or as late as the futuristic space invader general, soldiers or men of war have felt the need to holster their weapons.

US Civil War Era Holsters

These holsters were generally worn on the left hip so that the weapons could be drawn with the right hand (a crossdraw holster). These were used by both the North and the South and were made of black leather. They were designed originally to be worn on the belt with the butt of the gun in a forward fashion.

20th Century World Wars Era Gun Memorabilia

Bring out the Cavalry with a military holster that is also touted as a great American classic. The holster of choice was made to fit a .45 pistol and was worn gunfighter style on the upper leg. The holster included a swivel attachment that could be worn with the military belt which was standard at the time.

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Another great holster was the one used by the U.S. military personnel in World War II. This holster housed the .45 cal revolver that was issued to the U.S. troops. The holster was generally made out of brown leather, copper rivets and a brass flap stud.

Modern Era of Firearms and Accessories

The modern era of holsters for the U.S. military can be found in a variety of styles, but all have a common underlying theme. These holsters are all made to accommodate the standard government issue of the Beretta 92 and any other pistols which may be similar in size. These holsters will accommodate all of the modern techno-wizardry that currently exists or will exist. The holsters are each fitted to accommodate most types of laser sight and light options that may be needed. The holsters are generally made in leather, canvas or reinforced nylon. Each holster can be purchased with a spare pouch to hold any extra mags or a belt slide with sewn in cartridge loops. These holsters will be found in both the hip style and the shoulder style. Use of either holster is a personal preference.

Whatever your reason for wanting to use a holster of a military nature, you are sure to find something cool to satisfy your desire. Each holster is unique and each holster will have a story that is rich with the history of its country and the military therein. You will just need to decide which military holster is the right holster for you and your holster needs.