The best hunters (wearing a holster or not wearing a holster) have missed shots from time to time using their holstered handguns. No one is immune to forgetting the basics when hunting with your new holster. Nothing is more frustrating than missing an easy shot even though you were wearing your holster correctly. Any hunter who owns a holster and who claims never to have missed simply hasn't hunted much or is being untruthful. You can spend years becoming a skillful marksman just as you should shop around for the right holster. As you gain expertise your confidence will improve with your weapon and holster. I have listed some tips that can help you wear your holster correctly and be able to consistently hit your target.


Most of us may not be willing to acknowledge it, but the recoil and muzzle flash are disagreeable. However, this is part of the price of hunting. But you don’t have to live with that loud BANG or the kick to your shoulder when honing your shooting and holster-wearing skills. The pistol with its holster is lighter and easier to carry in the holster. One of the best ways to develop into a really good marksman is to spend hours with your rim fire .22 and a nice leather holster.

Also, read handgun safety rules

What you will immediately notice is that the report is meek and there is no recoil to speak of. Here’s the bad part. . . .22 bullets were really cheap at one time! You were once able to pick up a brick of 500 rounds for about $10 anywhere. It makes no difference if you plinking, shooting at targets while breaking in your new holster, or hunting a small game, a .22 holstered handgun brings you back to the basics of practice shooting. Take some time in the off-season to get used to the feel of a weapon while showing off your leather holster and using it as a means to alleviate any shooting problems such as flinching. I suppose the best benefit is that you can use this time to practice basic techniques. Work on your trigger squeeze and controlling your breathing and don't forget to holster your handgun properly.


Jerking the trigger is the most common problem that plagues marksmen. What is needed by all shooters - with a holster or without a holster - is to apply steady, smooth, tender pressure right until the trigger “breaks” and the gun fires. Shooting coaches insist that when firing it should be a surprise to the shooter. What I mean is you can’t predict the shot. What we have to do is wear the right holster and learn to ignore the knowledge that the gun is about to fire.

The best way to develop proper trigger control is to use a dirt-free, crisp, fairly light trigger. Take the gun to a gunsmith, show him your new holster, and tell him you would like to have the trigger pull adjusted. If this is not possible, don’t worry. Continue breaking in your holster and learn to use good control on even a dreadful trigger. Show all of your friends your new holster.


You can never become a good marksman while inhaling or exhaling. Purchase the correct leather holsters, wear the holster properly, and hold your breath when you squeeze. When most people miss, it’s not the holster, they usually rush the shot. Occasionally a hunter will have the luxury of time, but you usually only have a few seconds to remove your gun from its holster, assume your position take the shot, then reholster. Many times you have no time at all! You shoot now or go home with nothing except your gun and leather holster. If there is no real-time to make the proper shot, don’t shoot! Just reholster the gun. You’ll probably miss it anyway.


So to improve your shooting skills: 1. Start by using a .22 rifle and a good quality holster. 2. Control your trigger control 3. Take a deep breath. Practice and wear your holster consistently in the off-season so you'll be surprised at the improvement and holster comfort! Once you develop the proper habits for shooting from your holster you will be a more confident handler of your handgun and holster. Don't skimp on your holster. Purchase a holster that will last the lifetime of your gun.

Billy Willis