Shoulder Gun Holster

So, you have decided that you want to wear a shoulder pistol holster and you need to choose the holster that is right for you. There are many different things to consider when choosing a shoulder holster. You will need to decide if you are going to need a vertical holster or a horizontal holster. They type of gun you will be carrying may make the decision for you and leave you with very little choice in the matter. You will have to buy the holster to suit the type of gun you will be carrying. If you haven’t already made a choice in the gun that you will be carrying, then your choices will be a little more flexible and you can then purchase the gun to fit the holster you have chosen.

Vertical Gun Holsters

When you choose a vertical shoulder gun holster, it is usually because you will be carrying a very large gun. The gun will need to be held in an upright or downward position in order to be carried successfully. This shoulder holster is probably the most uncomfortable of the shoulder holsters. It is usually worn by law enforcement personnel. The holsters are designed to hold the handgun in a vertical position of the body. The barrel will wither be pointed upward or the barrel will be pointed downward.

Horizontal Gun Holsters

The horizontal shoulder holster holds the handgun in a horizontal direction from the body. These holsters usually position the barrel of the gun to be pointed away from the body of the wearer. This direction is generally pointed behind the person who is wearing the holster.

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With either type of shoulder holster, you will find that the holster is worn similar to that of a backpack. The actual gun holster is mounted on either one of two different straps which are connected to make the holster. This holster generally requires the wearer to wear a vest or an open jacket in order to conceal the mechanism and handgun from being observed. It is generally easier to carry the gun, as the gun is located near the center of the body. This provides a necessary balance when wearing a handgun.

When a shoulder holster is used in military use, there is generally not a need to hide its wear. This is most often seen in pilots who are wearing flight suits or with senior officers who are wearing camouflage. In these cases, the holster and the gun will be visible and the gun will usually be very large in nature. They will almost always be wearing a vertical shoulder holster.

You will want to weigh your options very carefully when choosing the shoulder holster that will work the best for you. This is a decision that should not be made lightly and you will want to consider each and every aspect of your choice. The last thing that you want to do is to randomly choose a holster. This will lead to the possession of many unused holsters of which none of them will make you truly happy. This will be a cause of deep dissatisfaction and discouragement.

If you take the time that is necessary to wisely make your choice, you will end up with the right shoulder gun holster for you.