Clenzoil Field and Range Application

Clenzoil Field & RangeTM cleans bores better, lubricates more effectively, and rustproofs longer. Clenzoil never gets gummy or sticky and attracts less dirt!

· A national favorite among competitive shooters, collectors, and gunsmiths for over 50 years. Clenzoil is known for deeper cleaning and penetration. Clean your gun with any other product. THEN clean it again with Clenzoil Field & Range(TM). You'll be amazed at the left-behind dirt, gunk, and sludge Clenzoil will dislodge. Many gunsmiths and law enforcement officials tell us that a good internal cleaning with Clenzoil is just as effective as an expensive "trigger job". Clenzoil will not destroy a leather holster.

· Clenzoil provides longer-lasting lubrication and rust prevention. Guns stored for years in high-humidity environments remain rust-free. The machine tool industry routinely uses Clenzoil to prevent rust on millions of dollars worth of tools, dies, and machinery.

· Clenzoil Field & Range (TM) is great for leather slings, leather holsters, and scabbards. Clenzoil will never cause fine leather to dry or crack. Clenzoil nourishes and moisturizes leather, preventing dry-out, rot, and mildew.

· Unlike other gun products, Clenzoil is fabulous for the treatment of wood. It never discolors wood. It does not attack fine wood finishes... Rather, Clenzoil cleans and nourishes wood without removing or damaging its finish.

· There's absolutely no Teflon or silicone in Clenzoil to gum up your fine firearms! Unlike Teflon or silicone-based products, Clenzoil never gets gummy, sticky, or "snotty" in cold or wet conditions. It will not harden or evaporate over time and stays effective in heat and cold for years!! And Clenzoil will not ruin your leather pistol holsters.

· There's also zero H2O in Clenzoil. There are companies today that are actually marketing water-based products to clean and lubricate fine firearms. While they might all claim to be environmentally friendly, the simple truth is the water component may accelerate the absorption of the complete product into the environment. Second, water-based products are not recommended for use in extremely cold environments. Third, due to the dilution factor attributed to water-based products, they are generally just not as powerful a cleaning agent as non-water soluble products. Who wants to knowingly subject their firearms to water or moisture?

Please, also read handgun shooting tips.

Directions For Use:

If using a bottle of "Field & Range," shake well before using. Apply a liberal coating to all surfaces of a firearm, inside and out. Pass a saturated patch through the bore of the firearm and allow 2-5 minutes for Clenzoil to break down contaminants. Use bore brush of appropriate caliber as necessary; follow up with clean patches. Repeat as necessary. Apply Clenzoil to the action/lock works of the firearm. This would include the bolt, fire control system, action, etc.

Apply Clenzoil "Field & Range," with a lamb's wool applicator or soft cloth to metal, wood, and leather surfaces. To "winterize" your firearm for cold weather use in damp, extremely cold environments, reapply Clenzoil "Field & Range," inside and out, 2-3 hours after initial applications have been applied. Take along the Clenzoil "One-Step-Solution," Field & Range patch kit, to apply while in the field or camp.

The Clenzoil "One-Step-Solution," Field & Range Patch Kit is an excellent companion to take with you into harsh environments. They can be used to clean the bore, clean the internal action, and wipe down the outside of the firearm in the field to augment the "winterization" of your weapon. Within 5-10 minutes after application, Clenzoil will be odorless and will not affect your hunting.

Cleaning Tip: Clenzoil R&D Staff recommends for heavily fouled barrels or during an initial (first time) cleaning, to leave Clenzoil in the bore for as long as possible. Some bench rest shooters tell us they will sometimes leave Clenzoil in the bore of their rifles overnight to get the maximum effort out of it! They will also soak bolts, and/or fire control systems in Clenzoil.

Cleaning Tip: Clenzoil R&D Staff have found that the more Clenzoil is used on a firearm, the easier it becomes to keep the firearm clean. It also gets easier to clean your gun during future applications and use. Clenzoil will actually condition the metal surfaces of your firearm over a period of repeated use.

Cleaning Tip: Clenzoil R&D Staff says, "… If you really want to be amazed by Clenzoil, take your cleanest firearm…the one you believe is spotless, and then clean it again with Clenzoil. You'll be amazed at what Clenzoil gets out that was left behind by your previous cleaning product!"