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The Oklahoma Western HolsterThe Oklahoma Western Holster'Cheyenne' style holster
The Old Timer Holster RigThe Old Timer Holster RigA basic, versatile rig.
The Rancher Western Holster RigThe Rancher Western Holster RigFull cartridge belt.
The Sta. Helena Western Holster RigThe Sta. Helena Western Holster Rig1890's style holster
The Texan Western HolsterThe Texan Western HolsterIntricately hand carved.
The Texas Ranger Western HolsterThe Texas Ranger Western Holster
The Tombstone Western Holster RigThe Tombstone Western Holster Rig1870's style holster
The Wichita Western HolsterThe Wichita Western HolsterA 'Cheyenne' variant holster.
The Widow Maker Holster RigThe Widow Maker Holster RigThroat strap for secure carry.
The Wild Bunch Holster RigThe Wild Bunch Holster RigDesigned specifically for SASS Wild Bunch category.
The Wyoming Western Holster RigThe Wyoming Western Holster RigShallow, recurved throat.
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