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Leather Rifle/Shotgun ScabbardLeather Rifle/Shotgun ScabbardSaddle strapping or backpack style.
Mare's Leg Western RigMare's Leg Western Rig
The Arizona Slim JimThe Arizona Slim JimStamped with a sunburst motif.
The City Western Holster RigThe City Western Holster RigLooks great with cartridge loops or mag pouch.
The ColoradoThe ColoradoFully lined belt and holster.
The CowboyThe CowboySilicone treated suede.
The Curly BillThe Curly BillDouble-ply leather lined belt.
The DenverThe DenverMatching border tooled belt.
The DrifterThe Drifter"Mexican Loop"
The DukeThe DukeSlight butt forward cant.
The Durango Western HolsterThe Durango Western HolsterForward cant muzzle.
The Gunfighter HolsterThe Gunfighter HolsterFully leather lined.
The Hunter Western RigThe Hunter Western RigDrop belt design.
The Idaho Holster RigThe Idaho Holster RigRecurved throat.
The Jeremiah Longknife Holster RigThe Jeremiah Longknife Holster RigField tested by SASS shooters.
The KidThe Kid
The Korupt Karl RigThe Korupt Karl Rig
The Morgan Western HolsterThe Morgan Western HolsterFlared top for easy reholstering.
The Officer Western Holster RigThe Officer Western Holster RigPerfect for the automatic handgun.
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