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Galco BATTL Shotgun Sling (Rem / Moss)
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Refined and streamlined for 2016, Galco’s BATTL™ 2 Sling - Bilateral Ambidextrous Tactical Transition for Longarms – is an improved version of the original, highly popular BATTL Sling. 

The BATTL 2 Sling’s 2” wide shoulder allows comfortable all-day carry of even a heavy weapon while still maintaining a posture of complete readiness. The adjustable shoulder strap fits over body armor, chest pouches, hydration systems, and other mission-essential equipment. The BATTL 2 Sling also offers a quick and easy transition between strong-side and weak-side firing positions.

The BATTL 2 Sling includes a Fastex release buckle that enables the user to instantly remove the weapon from their body. This allows fast detachment of the slung weapon in the event of an emergency and convenient removal in an administrative environment. Constructed of durable black nylon, this ambidextrous sling provides a fast and easy transition from strong to weak side firing positions. Attaches to ammo tube with steel GG&G sling mount (included).

Fits Remington 870, 1100, 11-87 and Mossberg 590.

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